Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Weather or not...

Ok - mental note : if I am ever to be reincarnated, please let me remember to be a weatherman/meteorologist/soothsayer. These guys/gals try to predict when and how much the storms will come and destroy the very fabric of our lives. Right. We all have a better chance of picking up the 1937 Farmer's almanac and turning to page 4356, referenced "2004 - weather" and seeing if it will be cold or really polar out there. And, of course, what phase the moon is in - because it matters.

The evil alliance of weather.com and yahoo has recently informed me that the great nor'easter will be sprinkling the tiny droplets of icy death which will turn to flaky fallout, biblical heavy at times, later this evening until the early morn. What do I say of this? Poppycock. Yeah - the icy rain is correct, since I looked out the WindowTM and verified the precipitation. As for later - yeah - it might snow a little, but my life won't end. Hey - I know I'll even make it back without incident on the treacherous NJ roadways, because as everyone who knows me will attest - my death will come only after Dawn allows it.

Stay warm folks.


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