Thursday, January 29, 2004

Defining bliss.

By the title you would think that I’m going to get into some transcendental sexual experience – but no. Even I wouldn’t force that upon anyone else.
I spend too much time in the Taurus, driving from Point A to Point B and back to Point A again, usually with various combinations that sometimes include Points C, D, and/or E. This turns into free thought time, which is just plain dangerous. This is just one of the results of such a time spent in the automobubble.
I usually wind up contemplating on the level of suck that life is at the moment, the state of flux in this yin and yang dance with the really great things and the absolute misery that wakes me up at night. So was this car ride. Hey – like any parent out there (except perhaps for the ones that make the news for the wrong reasons) I dwell on how I can make the kid’s lives better – and that’s cool. But I digress on how I in turn can make MY life better. Even worse – what I’ve done wrong so far as to why my life isn’t better right now. Then it hits me hard. It’s the question that really burns me. Why are all these people able to subsist with a smile on their faces? The answer is just as burning. It comes down to two words : ignorance and apathy. I may very well found out the secret to a happy life. I’ve been told and experienced time and time again is that the problem with raising your consciousness is that you can never lower it. The millions of slobs that clot our highways and go through the motions have no idea that life can be better, and really couldn’t care if it could. I would almost PAY to be ignorant of the cruelties of the reality of living, but that’s a big cop out. I just looked up and read this load – and it’s time to bail. I meant to get into some ground rules I’m trying to set for myself in terms of what and what not to blog – but I’ve got issues – and they’re coming on OUT.


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