Monday, February 02, 2004

Weather Report : Chili Today, Hot Tamale…

Punk Rodent
Ok – this is stolen from the numerous billboards along Route 1 in the direction of South of the Border, the tourist trap of the East Coast. For real weather prediction, we have good ‘ol Phil out in PA. I heard a conflicting report from some rodent out in Staten Island going by the handle of Chuck that says we’re in for nice weather soon. Right. Typical of those Islanders. Always against the grain. Bottom line : Sham. Punk. Charlatan. Whatever.

In other news : My need to create has gone to the kitchen. I went to my neighbor’s for a Super Bowl bash and it would have been in bad form to go empty-handed. In my closing thoughts Saturday evening the brain-bone worked hard, thinking what to make or bring that would be worthy of a Super Bowl gathering… Super Bowl… Bowl… I’m hungry… Cold… Bowl… Chili.. Super Bowl of Chili… done.
So – as a public service, I present to you my recipe for what is a superior tub of the meat-slop. You may substitute the beef for whatever meat you feel appropriate.
Ingredients :
2 -28oz cans tomatoes
1 - cup water
1 -TBL brown sugar
2 - beef cubes
2 - TBL Cilantro
2 -TBL hot paprika
4 -TBL cumin
7 -TBL chili powder
2 -TBL cayenne pepper
4 -Bay leaves
1 -TBL minced garlic
5 - whole jalapenos, stemmed and pitted
2 – red peppers, stemmed and pitted
1 – green pepper, stemmed and pitted
1 – small onion
1lb. sausage (chorizo)
3+ -lbs beef
tobasco as needed

ok – you pick out whatever beef – I use Top Round Roast. Add all the liquids and spices to pot – get simmerin’. Meanwhile grind all the meat, peppers, onion, garlic, then brown it all, add some salt and pepper. Throw in that simmerin’ liquid stuff, and simmer some more until you just can’t take it anymore and need to eat it. Probably at least 90 minutes. If you want – open up a few cans of Red Beans and add ‘em to the mix for the last 40 minutes of simmer – some folks don’t like the beanage. I sure do.

I like this stuff over rice, with some cheddar on top. Accompany with some nacho chips. Maybe even some Pedron. Definitely cerveza. Share and enjoy.


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