Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm back.

That’s it.
This template BLOWS. I know it does. I’m TRYING to get something together that is a lot less similar to scraping off your cornea with a paring knife, but it will take a little longer than expected, since I’m as talented as a tap-dancing mollusk in that department.
I wanted to have this fresh kick-ass revitalized Elvis shrine for a blogspot, and just in time for the King’s 70th – but no. I suck too badly for that.

So I end my months of silence with none too atypical attitude about my lack of progress on anything. As Life Rule #2 states – Deal With It. I think I needed to get back to how my blog title implies – this be a Rant page. I’m gonna get back to the roots, kids. I’m angry. About everything. Be ready to hear about it.

I might post some links to the things I will rant about – I might not. But as the King would state – I’m taking care of business. And when you gotta prioritize – this web stuff kinda sinks to the bottom of the well of daily crap that has been building up.

Here goes to the New Year and what would’ve been the 71st Year of the Elvisian calendar : “I’d rather be angry than bored.”

Lucky for me (and you, gentle reader) – there’s plenty to be angry about.


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