Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Big Media SUCKS

I have to break my blog silence to give due props to the Brotherman for dealing with the absolute garbage we’re being assailed with from Big Media in respect to what’s good for John “Where’s my spine?” Kerry and what’s bad for George “Leader” Bush.
An article form the AP via Yahoo! News just lit me up white hot this morning. The best part is that it only took the title, which has no backup from the body of the article.
Read it here and tell me if I’m wrong. I’m not, so don’t bother juicing me up with your tree-hugging liberal hippie crap. The GOP convention in downtown Liberalville is gonna be great. I hope Maria joins Arnold on the stage to publicly back Bush, and then spits on Moore’s crumpled corpse after he gets officially Terminated.
As for me – I’ll be watching Hockey on ESPN2 tonite. Mario is playing, and so all else gets blacked out. At least for a short while, anyway. Then the Icemen will go back to their whiny Union ways, and we’ll have a great 2005-06 NHL Season.


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