Friday, August 13, 2004

"Child? Halo reservation for one..."

Julia sleeps with these guys now
Alas – if there was anything redeeming about the French – it might be some of their food, or at least the art of the sauce. And who came along to show the general meatloaf lovin’ Americans how to use the saucepan for something other than braining their cheating spouses? None other than dear ‘ol Julia Child.
She was a tough broad, and in her prime I bet she could beat the hell out of any stunad to criticize her quiche too harshly. If not then drink him under the table and take his wallet.
So – in honor of the Mean Queen of French Cuisine – let’s all go and make a big mess in the kitchen, cut ourselves, and finish the bottle of wine we were cooking with.
I miss her already.


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