Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Get Phil

Feb 2 – Groundhog Day!
This one is for the Brotherman, because tomorrow is his most favorite holiday. I thought of creating the above pic since he has me all cranked up about our unwanted guests.
So here’s hoping that Phil doesn’t see his shadow, or at least escape the domo-kun.

EDIT: The 'hog (the TRUE 'hog, Paux Phil) saw his shadow. We've got six more weeks of the cold stuff. Happy Anniversary Col. Potter.


Blogger Mr. Apropos said...

Happy Groundhog's Day! The rodent has spoken and we're in for some more winter. Here is a tip: 6 more weeks of winter will make the Postal workers... ummm, postal. Tread carefully.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

so what happens when it DOESN't see the shadow?? six more weeks til spring???

gotta be a Polish conspiracy.

and why is it that if it SEES its shadow, it means cold and doom?? don't you need the SUN to see a shadow???

I just don't get rat culture...

10:40 PM  

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