Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stock up!

Lessee. Gotta check the cupboards.
Peanut butter? Check.
Bacon? Check.
Butter? Check.
I mean, several pounds of butter? Mega check.
If you, gentle reader, aren’t following along, you had best check your calendars and look not too far ahead. This coming Sunday is a holiday. It’s almost like Christmas, as we will celebrate the birth of a King. The King.
Elvis Aaron Presley would have been 71 this Sunday. I figure if he hadn’t “bowl”ed over back in ’77 and he carried on even at half pace, he would be around 423 lbs. and blind and mostly deaf. Not a pretty picture, so it’s up to us as survivors to rejoice that we are still here rockin’ to kick it up like the King did.
So get out to the local food emporium and stock up on the essentials. Bacon, butter, bananas, butter, gravy, butter, peanut butter, bacon and burger! And don’t forget the biscuits!
Oh yeah – the King liked dessert, too.


Blogger Porq said...

If you fry kielbasi until it's almost burnt to a crisp, it tastes a little like BACON!!!


oh yeah, happy birthday KING, I think I'm gonna be busy!!

8:01 PM  

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