Saturday, February 24, 2007

To Blog, or Not To Blog...

Alas, gentle reader, I have awaken to find the world still turns, unyielding to my attempts to slow its spin and stop that Mother of all Mistresses, Time. I have returned from the underground again, much like Lestat after growing weary of the times. Perhaps I shall take to the adornment of this webspace to reflect the new time here at Graceland, and perhaps I won’t.
I can’t say that much has changed from my last posts, thus the lack of activity here. The Spawn have grown larger and louder and picked up how so many more idiosyncrasies that betray the genes of origin. The hairs that remain on the scalp have been assimilated further by the gray collective it is becoming. The bones and joints creak a little louder. But – I survive! I eat, I cook, I drink, and that, in itself, is Good.

Let me not keep you, webcrawler, from your duly appointed Tube rounds by your pause here at the ‘Land. I feel a growing need inside to display that passing evil thought and feeling more commonly feared and expressed as Opinion, and let the wrath fall where it might from its release. As I’ve heard it said, “If they can’t take a joke, f*&k ‘em.”


Blogger The Life of Bill said...

It's alive!!!! But apparently it doesn't play poker....

3:27 PM  

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