Thursday, June 03, 2004

Kneel before ZOD....

Beer Run! Ok – I’m a punk. I’ve posted squat, and you all have found other things to do with your time than point your browsers at my aged bilge. It’s not like nothing has been happening to yours truly; I’m a lazy fool. Plain and simple. Let’s see what I can do to rectify my absence.

Let’s start off by my stating that I think I need to rule the world. I’ve always thought of myself as an idea man, with a tendency to take charge at times. This trait may come in handy, as there is a lot to do and change with the world at present status. Although one might think that this is the perfect forum for discussing my takeover and ruling plans, I’ll have to pass on that for now. Let’s just agree that you’ve been all warned. It’s mine. All of it. Maybe not right now, but sooner or later you’ll just have to hand it over. So, in light of the fact that you really never had a choice, let’s make it easy on everyone and give it up now. Let’s move on.

So as the planet starts its capitulation, much else transpires. My backup band is getting bigger. I mean, physically bigger. Not so much Dawn – she’s looking pretty good for producing the rest of the band – but the Spawns are growing like weeds. You feed and water ‘em, what do you expect? I need to post a comparative pic or to of the Spawn development. Mental note : do that later. I keep pushing down on the head of the oldest, but she keeps on growing. She’s still quite a long way from being Amazon stock, but the trend is there. I’m ready for her to pick up a spear and claim the second floor of the domicile as her realm. I’m pretty careful to stay on the kid’s good side, because I’m sure she has the memory thing going like her mother. Needless to say – it’s a walking rolodex of doom. Lesson here? Be good to the sprouts.

Last up – I’m looking for grill recipes. Summer is knocking down the door, and that means grillin’ and chillin’. Everybody has their own idea of the best summer food, and I want to hear what y’all want to see most of all. Who knows? Maybe – just maybe – what you submit might get served from the grill cz’ski sometime soon. So send away!


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