Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bush? Why, Thank You...

Yes – we DO live in a crazy world. Well – it’s pretty crazy in these parts – it’s absolute bedlam over there. When I mean over there, I’m talking about Islamofascist country again. Yet again, just a few news headlines to get me bloggin’ about how lucky we are to live where we do, in a land governed by us, the people. Well, maybe not by the people but by elected representatives of the people. Well, let’s just say that our electoral system is pretty good, and it’s better than living moment by moment in the shadow of fear of a bloodthirsty tyrant.

El Presidente y SaviorOkay – maybe I like ‘ol Dubya. Okay – there’s no maybe about it. Damn straight I do. It kills me that I live in one of those ‘Dem’ states that will undoubtedly give its precious electoral vote to the left, like chaff in the wind. Debacle!
My mind cries for diversion of my dear Ottawa Senators FAILING again in the Cup Playoffs, unable to prove superior to the dreaded Maple Leafs (die!) and as a result we have let Mr. Martin go, undoubtedly to aid another of our rivals to levels unmatched. I seek revenge for such a travesty as I have seen on the ice; a team, nay, a collection of ‘professionals’, that has gone so far to give up so fast. And where, gentle reader, would you expect this blogger to find solace? Why, in no place other than the creation of a New World Order, led by the conservative right, and stomping out all that oppose us! Kids – jump on board, there’s plenty of room here on the right bandwagon! What’s that? Mom and Dad won’t let you? Ha! We have agencies on call to set that straight!
Well – maybe I’ll just have another beer and hope there’s a 2004-2005 NHL season…
That – and America wakes up and realizes that Bush rules. Don’t forget it.


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