Thursday, April 08, 2004


There are just a few things out there that get my ire up. Let’s start off with some of the obvious ones. Anything – I mean anything in the sense that includes all under God – that dangers my family (especially my kids), idiots at the Shop-Rite, Islamofascists (and right here – I have finally crossed to the point where I don’t believe in that Islam is at all a religion but one big hate group. Those placid Islamites are such a minority I would almost attest that one under that guise were really a part of a terrorist cell, waiting for the orders to poison my water supply. But – I digress, as I am swayed by the political mood of such Mid-Eastern idiocy where my moral fibers are strained.), mung beer, and rolling gutter balls and the ilk.
But let’s get into some brain ringing emotion action here. Welcome to the right side, readers, because we’re back on the topic of religion.
I can’t escape the fact that in RC world (and in a lot of ‘other’ Christian sects) it’s Holy Thursday. The whole world has recently received a nice dose of the next few days thanks to Mr. Gibson and his flick. I’m sure this was his interpretation of what transpired a couple of thousand years ago but what we have to keep in mind is that THIS HAPPENED.
Go ahead you leftist self-righteous atheist – tell me it didn’t. I need a good pick-me-up by proving you wrong. I’m reeeeeeeeaaal touchy around this time of year – because we as a people are just as (or give me the strength) MORE ignorant than the folks who were there to witness the ultimate sacrifice. And that’s enough to irk even the most stoic of folks.
Let’s recap. A couple of thousand years ago, a man was going to have dinner with his friends, only to have one of them betray him. The next day this man would be ruthlessly beaten and humiliated, finally to be nailed to a tree and left to die – which he did. Imagine now – this man was your friend. Your brother. Your son.
Good news – he came back three days later.
Better news – he’ll be back again. Get ready.


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