Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Baby, Light my Fire

The Smoker It’s springtime, folks. I spent all weekend outside, whittling away at the massive Honey-Do list in hopes of making darling WifeTM happy with yours truly. I would have to say I was successful, and the Herculean efforts towards the beautification of our domicile’s outdoor area were not in vain. But all that time I spent digging, cutting, pulling, etc. my mind wandered to its happy little place – cooking with fire.
Amen and Hallelujah, I’m talking about grillin’ and chillin’, smokin’ and pokin’, drinkin’ and stinkin’ in the glorious warm weather months that are upon us all. Forget the oven, y’all – fire up the grill. Ya got all day? Stoke the coals, fill the water basin and spread the wood chips in the smoker. Let’s all go out right now and buy the biggest slab of brisket and marinate that bad boy in the most favorite blends of herbs and juices.
Sear and fear, true believers! Put me in charge of that flame! Our Creator put the beasts on Earth for the prime purpose of feeding us with the ultimate gift of their flesh. Luckily, He also put herb gardens about for seasonings. As we might know from experience – He didn’t put any of those herbs in South America – all they do is salt the meats before grilling. But who’s complaining about that? That’s why He gave us lisinopril!
My question is this: Why are you reading this when you can be outside right now cooking up a snack on the open flame? Never mind a snack – how about a feast? A festival of flame! Work the finishing sauces! Perfect the marinade! Revel in the rub!
Check back next week – I guar-an-tee a grill/smoker story…


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