Thursday, September 29, 2005

Basket Case

It’s official. The Wife™ is officially a basket case. Last night marked her first show as an Independent Longaberger Consultant and from all aspects – it went pretty well. Of course, it came with a cost.
As I’ve come to realize, most people automatically think in terms of money when “cost” is mentioned. We can’t help it. Money is the universal evil, and evil spelled backwards is LIVE (pronounced with the short ‘i’, as in the verb, not the adverb). However, in the Wife™’s case, it’s all about time and health.
In leading up to this glorious event all kinds of hell erupted around Graceland, from kids’ extracurricular activities to school crap to family functions, time had this way of slipping away and bam! It’s last-minute crunch time to prepare for the home show. The candle got burnt at both ends way too hard for the missus, and now she’s sporting the cold-like symptoms to prove it.
So let’s recap here. I’m talking about cost, and what the Wife™ recently paid to start this entrepreneurial exercise. The number one payout is health. With the addition of all the time spent running around with the crap and the lack of sleep to catch up on the homestuffs, plus the stress and ignorance of decent diet, we’re looking at the beginning to mid-stages of exhaustion and minor dehydration. With the weakened immune system the seasonal change is rapping a slight to moderate sniffle, which is making her sound like a chain-smoking Kathleen Turner – and that ain’t pretty.
One last cost before I have to play work – I’m gonna pay by having to live and breathe basket crap for as long as this gig runs. I’ll support Wife™ Inc. as long as she does it, but it will certainly put me farther away from my goal of regaining any semblance of my lost manhood any time soon. \me sighs.


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Blogger Porq said...

Gooney goo?

Ahhhh... what the hell is the sonnym talking about or trying to comment about?

If the Boss is getting sick, make a pot of soup or beef stew and you have a couple shots and a beer. She may not feel better, but you will!!


7:25 AM  
Blogger The Life of Bill said...

I'm with Porque-I'd go with alchohol, to quote Dan-the cause of and solution to all of life's little problems! Sonny boy needs to check his spamsignal-looks like his signals are crossed!

12:18 PM  

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