Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy Equinox...

So I must turn to the keyboard and pour forth from my less than great mind of minds the lesser intricacies of a life that from most perspectives would appear and be most ordinary.
Shizzle: It be about time I blog the world about the banality of my life.
Yeah – I haven’t said much lately. Billiam put it best by saying that it just ain’t worth bitchin’ about stuff, because even I don’t want to hear it. So, not having worthy things to say, and not turning into some gushing parental fountain of kiddie love, I kept my yap and my keyboard quiet.
There is no real reason why I break my revelry, except the air is filled with change. The season switches upon this equinox, and I find myself anticipating the frozen sport, re-addicted to Magic, talking to once lost brothers, and digging a new workplace.
Even the WifeTM has got all kinds of new activities going on. She’s selling baskets and those damn school Kid Stuff coupon books and in a monthly book club and all in all doing the Mom Taxi Service for brownies, dance classes, preschool, and other related activities du jour.
Things are pretty hectic, but it’s like that for everybody, so it ain’t no different for me than anybody else. I need to get into a good Hold ‘Em tourney or go online and blow somebody up or go make some sauerbraten.


Blogger The Life of Bill said...

Mmmmmm stuffed meat-like products....

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