Friday, May 13, 2005

Office Space

Gotta give a mondo shout out to the powers a la Management for the recent placement of yours truly’s arse. As of today I am officially working from home.
I went out and got me the wireless router, hooked that bad boy up and I’m now slammin’ my own bad coffee at the kitchen table while VPN’d in to the corp network.
Lotsa goods and bads here.
Let’s start with the goods.
I now get to see the kiddies a lot more, I get paid to take a dump on my OWN shitter, no more hassling with the Jersey traffic, by product thereof is I save some petrol-dollars, I’ll save some lira on lunch tabs, I’ll BE ON TIME for dinner, and no more wondering if I have clean clothes back from the LaundroWifeTM.
Here come the bad.
I now get to see the kiddies a lot more, I almost feel obliged to work harder and maybe longer hours (big ALMOST here – not yet – but it might creep up on me), I run the risk of becoming the uber-hermit, and I just may fall in love with this so much that I’ll never go back to a real office setting.
Now – when I say real office setting, I’m talking straight out of a Dilbert cartoon box strip, which we have all come to know as being too real. Not to say that I’ll miss the office thing, but I do have fun in the office. I could have fun pretty much anywhere, but the office setting provides only all too much material.

So – I need to finish up this mug of genuinely bad coffee (note to all: Savarin SUCKS – even if Shop-Rite is giving it away, let them keep the dirt), finish breakfast with the remaining non-school spawn, work the bowl, and oh yeah – get to work. love it!


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How do you call in sick???


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