Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ashes to Ashes...

First up – a little kudos to the brotherman for the kickin’ changes to the blog’s style to allow better text flow around images. Bravo, Mr. Apropos.

I wasn’t going to get into it – but today’s the day and I just can’t let these things go. It’s a PACE day in the RC world. Let me explain.

RC world – Roman Catholic, not Royal Crown cola. PACE – Palms, Ashes, Christmas and Easter. There are a few types of Catholics out there. We have our devout practicing type, never missing a Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation and possibly even doing extra credit Masses in Lent or maybe an hour of Adoration. Then we scale down to our Sundays ‘R Us, and even further down to the Sundays of Convenience, and even further to the PACEs. Those are the folks that come out specifically on Palm Sunday to get the palms (usually intent on making those nifty weaved crosses), Ash Wednesday to join the Dark Forehead Club, and of course Christmas and Easter because – well – that’s what you do.

Ashes, Ashley?
I’m not trying to make fun of Catholics – I don’t have to, as so many have already done so – so don’t bother with the unwashed heathen comments. I know I’m a heathen of sorts. Anything y’all might say is sort of old news.

So – As Mel Gibson might say – welcome to Lent. Let’s all help set the PACE…


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