Friday, February 06, 2004


Good news? Never, unless it’s from a personal source. Why should the car radio give me pleasant news from the world just because the weather sucks, as if to make up for the gray cold soulless wetness conditions with a bright spot or two of happiness from others?
No can do. I was greeted this morning with words describing another person’s nightmares come true, the story of a 11-year old girl’s body found. You’ll notice how I say that just her body was found, and not the girl herself. We do that sometimes to distance ourselves from the reality that a real person is now gone, no, taken from us. I can’t even bring myself to type her name, because that might hurt too much.
You see, I stepped up on that “grow up” challenge my parents threw at me so many years ago, and I became a parent myself. Doing that created and destroyed old and new values, and brought on new meanings of fear and wonder. The news today played on the worst kinds of fear.
Now – I live on the right side of the political scale. Just from that I’m sure you’re going to expect me to rant on about how I won’t feel justified until the creature that caused the news today breathes his last painful breath and exits our world. But I can’t.
It’s not the solution. I really can’t support the death penalty. I never could. But I really can’t support the idea of us happy taxpayers putting this miscreant up with room and board for the rest of his miserable existence. What bothers me is the world that created the monster in the first place. You know that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a story like this and knowing it won’t be the last time we hear it keeps us awake at nights. Are we advanced enough to figure out the source of the evil? No way. Will we get there? Eventually, so folks tell me. I hear we’re gonna get some help from a higher source. If you ask me – and I can respect that you haven’t – that help couldn’t come quick enough. I can’t take much more of these news reports.


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