Monday, February 09, 2004

Let's count to... One.

Kid So the Kid made it to ONE today.
And we have this gig that we as Polacks do, or at least Cz’ski Polacks do, almost as a test to see how messed up we’ll end up later in life.
So here’s the deal : we place a hammer, a shotglass, a set of rosary beads, and a dollar on the floor about four feet in front of the kid. We let the kid go, much like a retired greyhound, and he crawls to the objects before him. Whichever thing he picks up first will be a focus or at least a major part of his later life. Good news – he went for the money.
Me? I did a double. I got the shotglass and the rosaries. Great. Y’all know what kind of love affair I have with Mr. Bottle and the personal “agreement” I have with the Almighty. Yeah – Mr. Yahweh likes me as entertainment, but all in all He treats me quite well. You just don’t throw away your favorite movie, right? Yeah – I might complain when He gets me in this rewind mode to laugh at me fall down a few times like a good part of a Stooges festival, but sooner or later we get to the good parts. And I gotta say – today was all right. Check the pic to see what I mean.


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