Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Zen of Text.

Y’know – there’s just something about communicating via text message. A simple conversation that, using the spoken language via traditional make noise methods, would normally take about twenty seconds. Maybe even ten, or at most thirty, depending on how well you’re able to truncate the words in an effort to save characters sent.
It’s a throwback to childhood, playing Secret Agent or Dick Tracy or even for that matter Fort, sending private, coded messages to your remote scout.
I’m waiting for the DNRC to pick up on this, but you can picture it – it’s the board or conference room, there’s some “meeting” in progress, and what are you doing? Having an insult-war with your brother-in-law, or “innocently” flirting with a pal.
My cousin is a Master of Text, not for his ability to write amazingly complex messages, but for his timing of his bleats. I would swear – I can be in the middle of a heated debate on how I’m going to keep my job with the employer du’jour and wham! New Message – Read Now? Well – why not? The beep already disrupted my flow, oh, perfect “monkeynuts” and with that little happy thought I get to salvage what’s left of my composure. Needless to say – I’ll be sure to reply later – I’ll wait ‘til he’s bowling to send him “nad juggler”…


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