Thursday, February 26, 2004


Hey kids – what happened eleven years ago today? In case you forgot (shame on you) the Islamofascists took their first shot at the WTC. I guess the death toll wasn’t enough to get Uncle Sam into the Middle Eastern strip mining business. Maybe it was due to the beginning of America’s Debacle – the Clinton Administration. Yeah – we eventually tried a scapegoat for the bombing, but it wasn’t enough. They eventually succeeded.
Yeah – I’m still pissed. I still remember that day. The horror, the images, the fear.
I won’t forget it. Our generation has let Pearl Harbor go from memory. Granted – we dropped two serious bombs that settled the score for some – but we have forgotten how we were brought into the war.
News flash folks – we’re at war right now. It’s just different now because it’s a virtual battlefield and the danger can very well be right next door.
Don’t forget. Stay angry.


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