Thursday, March 04, 2004

Cirque de Pain...

Happy ChaosEvery so often something occurs that causes you to do a double-take, to make sure what just happened really did. I had one of those the other night on my trek home.
While radio-surfing, I paused to listen to a current traffic report, as if it would help me choose other than the one way I travel. 30 minute delay here, backup there, accident here, and delays due to the moving of circus animals.

Um, say again?
Now I didn’t think I heard that one right. So my surfing was darn right frantic to hear another traffic update. Sure enough, about five minutes later – there it was again – delays caused by the moving of circus animals.
I knew the circus was in town. My dear sis-in-law was taking the first born to the Big Top. But the mental imagery of the possible pandemonium caused by the wild beasts let loose on the highways of East Rutherford… glorious.
Think of it – elephants illegally parking at the Candlewyck so the trainers can go to Shakers Lounge… monkeys tearing Steve’s Sizzling Steaks apart… lions and tigers mauling fake knights at Medieval Times… bears placing bets and sipping coladas at the Pegasus…
The possibilities kept the brain-bone working ‘til I got home – to my own circus.


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