Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Exodus 20:4-5

Go ahead check it out, according to King James. We’re talking False Idols!

Worship ME Uh-oh…We all have our idols – whether we realize it or not. I was reminded of this today by the first born. Her carved image was that of the teevee. ...

You see – our aging and creaking Swede Björn entertainment unit was about to fail. Thus – we ordered anew, and today it was to be delivered. To make way for the unit, the old had to be disposed of, resulting in an empty space where the child’s beloved once rested.
Needless to say – the child broke down in biblical agony upon the morning discovery of its disappearance. Alas – the pain didn’t last, as with any young person, the attention span is only slightly longer than the lifespan of a tsetse fly, and she was happily bounding about in the newfound space. Amazing turnaround, only to turn yet again when the teevee was discovered lying about in the other room, dark and lifeless. “Why, Daddy, WHY?!?” Back to the tears, bereft of her soul’s companion.
JUST when I was thinking I was doing a decent job at the parent thing. Drat.


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