Thursday, March 11, 2004

Just ain't right...

Hockey Credo
Ok – it ain’t right. “I went to this fight, and a hockey game broke out…”
Whatever, you hockey noob. I love hockey. I mean – I LOVE it. I can watch games at two in morning when the teams are as far from local interest as the price of figs at a New Delhi market. Watching it on teevee ticks me off since I want to look at other things than what Mr. Cameraman is zooming in on, like the defense formations and who the coach is yelling at and who’s cherry-picking at the red line…
Then – something idiotic happens. Yeah – I’m talking about Bertuzzi. I loved watching this guy play. If your lunch and him went into the corner together – you’re officially on a diet. If he wasn’t smacking you around, he was burning you on his way to your net with the biscuit. Simply a marvel, especially on the line with the other master, Naslund. Looks like he had some anger management problems.
I can’t defend his actions here. He deserves everything the NHL throws at him, and maybe even local authorities in terms of criminal charges. I believe in fighting in the NHL, but not this stuff. This wasn’t fighting, and it was WAY beyond paybacks for going after your star player.
This won’t keep me from loving the game, nor will I stop condoning fighting. Let’s see what the “authorities” do here and let’s build from it. More importantly – let’s all hope Moore comes out of this ok.


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