Friday, March 05, 2004


Ok – I’m worried. Maybe even a little upset. But what about, Mr. Blogman? The future of the NHL.Always thinkin'Well, maybe not just the NHL. Let’s throw in the economy, my job security, job path towards might be called a career, personal relationships – friends AND family, our uniforms out taking fire from the Islamofascists, the GOP, the evil left side, not knowing what the big deal is over gay marriages, modern music, my lack of education, my kids’ future education, reality teevee shows, my complete ignorance of fashion style, my obsession with food, American beer, the stability of my pc, rebuilding the kids’ pc, the lack of maintenance on my car, the necessity for some serious landscaping, admitting to loving the Harry Potter books, what ailment my wife will diagnose next, insurance rates, taxes, religion (let’s not even start here), my lack of exercising, blood pressure, Girl Scouts, soccer coaching, data security policies, fly fishing, deck repair, water filtering, that eventual first date, drugs, new glasses, parents’ longevity, contracts, cell plans, the Mars mission, government “intelligence”, traffic, deep water, sewer grates, fad diets, my missing patience, and maybe the volume of the voices in my head.
Needless to say – I’m thinking about a lot these days. I miss the good ‘ol days when all I thought about was sex. And beer. And food.


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