Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Mr. Wrong

I think I’m going to be wrong today in my post. I’m hearing and reading too much about our government is responsible for this and that all over the nation and world that I’ve pretty much had it. So sit back and enjoy, because even good ‘ol Pat B hasn’t expressed it like this yet.
I just read about how an entire village (and I have to use the term ‘village’ – it lends to the idea of small and out of date) in Iraq decided it was a great idea to dance and parade the charred and smoking bodies of some folks that went too close. We don’t know who these poor souls were, but the media has a good idea that they were Americans, and probably journalists. Ok – mental note – cancel plans for family trip to Fallujah. I know we have some tree-hugging leftist bonefaces out there that think our presence in Iraq is all so wrong since we didn’t find any WMD. I personally sleep a little better that we didn’t. Saddam was way out of whack to start off with – now just imagine the possible state of things if he actually DID have something to drop on us infidels? But I digress. Bottom line - it’s a freakin SHAME we don’t do the right thing now and essentially take all the oil away from these sandpeople and leave them alone in their settlements to kill each other in the name of their god. Yes – I DO believe God is Greatest except I don’t chant this over someone I just personally returned to dust. If I didn’t have this personal aversion to getting shot at or more specifically I have no desire to kill anyone, lest I would be tempted to join the forces over yonder to put down this resistance to what? Oh, wait – they’re resisting the creation of personal freedoms they haven’t the capacity yet as homo sapiens to understand, never mind socially accept. Even if we don’t usurp the oil, let’s give the dems what they want and leave town in a cloud of dust. Of course – we’ll just get blamed by the rest of the world that we destroyed their precious country’s system and left them to rot. Personally – I can live with that. At least they’ll only be a danger to themselves now. And maybe – just MAYBE – some of the Islamofascist neighbors will think twice before screwing with Uncle Sam.
Blood for Oil. Whatever, hippie. Do us all a favor and stand by that statement and stop using oil products. Please don’t drive your VW bus on my roads, because it’s your sorry arse in my way when I’m trying to get somewhere to stimulate YOUR economy. Like the King once said, “I’d rather be angry than bored.” And boy – I’m not bored with writing this right now.
And while I know I’m probably oh-so-wrong in some of your eyes, enjoy this other piece of wrongness – or should I say – Wongness. Mr. Wong RULES


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