Monday, March 29, 2004


Public AddressIt never ceases to amaze me that I don’t have to go far or long to encounter idiocy. Even when I can’t get out of doors I put on a good enough effort of my own to produce some class action stupidity as well. The crank of it all is that I abhor having to deal with it, most of all my own. Of course, we all like dumb humorous things, how else would guys like Ben Stiller have such a career? But, when you get folks that are seriously TRYING to go about their life in general and are just plain in the way of human progress – we have a problem.
You know who I’m talking about. The miscreant that leaves their shopping cart completely in the middle of the aisle, the boneface that doesn’t turn off their blinker for twelve miles, the marketing schmuck that calls my house at 10:30 PM on Sunday night (that poor bastard had the balls to call again – I almost made the kid cry), the folks that are trying to grow crops in the desert (and we’re not talking about scientists here), the idget that had five miles to get into the right freakin lane before the toll or exit came up and now has to cut across six lanes to get where they have to, the person that thinks the “less than 10 items” checkout lane is their personal cashier, and maybe even every pop singer or actor/actress that attempts to say something intelligent or seem into a political opinion.
So what makes me want to post about the greater average of our surrounding community? Why not? Leave it to me to point out the obvious… Hey – send me your favorite idiot story or profile – I’ll compile them and post my results! “Paging Mr. Stupid… Mr. Stupid…”


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