Monday, January 31, 2005

and He would come from Toho...

Try nailing this guy to a tree
Ok – what I may be treading on here might be considered “blasphemous” so I would suggest to the light of open-minded religious conservatism to take a powder rather than reading on.
I had the greatest of pleasures this past weekend of exposing the offspring to a real institution, the genre of the Japanese Monster Movie. More importantly and directly, the introduction of the King of all monsters – Godzilla. In an early afternoon showing of Godzilla, Mothra, et al. (2001) my little ones summoned up the nerve to peek through their tightly clenched fingers to witness the giant reptile wreak havoc upon the far eastern Toho constructed miniscapes of Japan. Amazed they were, although a little extra soothing and reassuring of their fictitious state was needed for the middle child. From this short exposure I could never have imagined the reaction and observations that would become from my eldest, shy less a fortnight of her 6th birthday.
She questioned the peoples’ abject fear and betrayal of this creature who was obviously trying to help them by staving off the marauding invaders of Mothra and the three headed Gihidorah. When those drill missiles blasted into Godzilla’s hide she actually cried out for him to get away. Who knew a mere child could have empathy for a special effect riddled man in a rubber suit?
Now that I have preambled long enough to the setting of this amazing observation I must get to the crux of this matter. Those innocent questions brought forth by my child had forced me to compare the imaginary lizard to someone whom we may all have some connection with. This person I refer to is no one less than our Lord and Savior, JC Himself.
I asked myself the uneasy question – can these characters have anything to do with one another? Surely this could not have been the intent in 1954 with the original filming! In this movie the giant Godzilla came, wrecked Tokyo, and died in the harbor. Although – there WAS an underlying message of human frailty and environmentalism… AND – he DID rise again some three film generations later…
This reptilian beast had come and shook up the Japanese world, caused great anarchy and self-reflection, and went away to come again. Godzilla saves, he destroys in doing so.
I admit JC had a different style – not so much with the radioactive fiery breath, but he did destroy! He tore down immorality and sin, threw some tables around in the temple, and was not to be shaken by so much as a storm at sea. Each have had to battle. JC was in the desert with ‘ol Beelzebub and cast out fleets of lesser demons, Godzilla stomped around Monster Island at will, and came to mainland to really beat down the evil ones. Both of ‘em got people riled up. Where they might be opposite in that Godzilla had folks running away and JC had ‘em standing around him for miles in every direction, they both led to social upheaval. I’m telling ya here – the similarities are uncanny.
I’ll let you be the final judge here, as I can ramble on about the similarities for pages. In my best Leonard Nimoy voice I would ask the question – “Is Godzilla the Savior of Japan? Next! on In Search Of…”


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My Final Judgement-go back to beer, your mind is clouded (more so than usual) by the hard stuff....

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