Friday, January 21, 2005

Shake it up...

Vulcan Wrath
Yeah – I’m alive. I seem to have survived the dreaded pox that stripped me of my insatiable hunger, only to find myself wary of my own futile existence. The article I linked to talks about global events, specifically around our rock’s sporadic killing off of its inhabitants. I took a step away and mentally slid a few ring on my abacus and came out with a quick estimate that it was about time we had us another Earthen Cleansing.
I can’t say I would be big on it – I still have a lot to get done, but if it’s time – it’s time. I sometimes have the notion that God has the Earth on his mantle, almost exactly as some freaky airport hoppers collect trinkets from every nook they’ve ever traveled. In this case there is a wall of snowglobes, but to the Big Man that little souvenir is US. And just like us – we all know what’s gonna happen when we shake it up, but it’s irresistible to do it nonetheless. So every few million years, Yahweh gets Himself an itchy trigger finger and gives the Earth globe a rattle, just to see how the dust settles that time.
Are we really due for a shake? Look around. I think so.


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