Friday, March 11, 2005


Yeah – so I was going to post up this 80’s Hey Iran pic of our pal Mickey flipping the bird, but I remembered that I was trying to keep this place somewhat PG-13 in ratings.
In two short weeks the fam and I will be strolling about in Mouseworld – and that simply KICKS ASS.
I really don’t know what I’m looking forward to most. It could be watching Dara go through bitter disappointment when we tell her that she isn’t going to school that day to an excited giddy state when we put her on a plane, to absolute child Nirvana when she realizes that she ended up in Disney.
Yup – the spawn have no idea we’re going. The boy, being only of two years of age, won’t give a shit. Granted – he’ll have a ball when he’s not being terrorized by large suited characters that get too close. But for the most part – he’ll simply be there, and forget about the whole thing in about a year’s time.
The middle child will go into a state of wonderment as well. As long as she doesn’t wet her pants (which is a distinct possibility, even with the eldest) we’ll do just fine.
Back to what I’m looking forward to. Yeah – the kids will make this trip what it is supposed to be. But – I gotta tell ya – it’s gonna rule going round the Epcot world with the Porq. Not only to we get to abuse every culture this planet has to offer in one day – but we get to drink while we do it. What a way to introduce the kids to the “other” people on this rock of ours.
And when we’re not cajoling about Epcot – you KNOW el Porq and I will have the stash back the hotel. So much for a dry Magic Kingdom…
Breakfast with the characters, dinner with a Princess, lunch with the masses. I wonder if I can get a good deal on one of those evil queen outfits for the WifeTM
Lots of preparation yet – so I’ll let you know when I hear the faint tune of It’s A Small World. Only when I can practically SMELL it – will I know I’ll be close.


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