Thursday, February 09, 2006


Little Prince

My boy turns three today. Not even the Islamofascists can get me down. This little man is everything, and it’s his day today.
When I say everything – I mean it. He is single handedly a pirate (Cap’n Hook, but smaller), a train, a strongman, a Space Ranger, a cowboy, a dancin’ fool, a singer, an artist, a demolitionist, a Casanova, a brother, and a big momma’s boy.
I see myself living quite vicariously through him in the years to come. But for now – it’s just awesome like it is.
He’s three – and so am I.

Say it.


Blogger The Life of Bill said...

My God Man-what is it about you and May....oh yeah, that's right, Cinco De Mayo.....I forgot. Happy B-day to Big D take #2!

1:35 PM  

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