Friday, March 19, 2004

Family Ties...

Cousin!So I’m Polish. You know it – kielbasa, pierogi, babka and all the jokes to fill volumes. Here comes the perk. Me and the Holy See are like, brothers. Cousins at LEAST.
Yup – good ‘ol PJPII solidifies my claim to the Throne of the True Prince of Warsaw. Click on my beanie wearin’ cuz to see for yerself.
I figure my relation to Karol is what has kept me from receiving Holy Wrath from all my past endeavors. I’m sure a few souls have petitioned the Big Man to lay down some brimstone on me – but no – I’ve got relations…
It takes some work on my part though. I gotta keep up the rep the fam has built up throughout the world. That means not getting caught. Not that I’m up to anything illicit enough worth the Weekly World News, but no need to tarnish PJ’s style… You all have to admit that Karol is one smooth cat, and he knows it. I mean – he practically IS history.
So next time y’all catch me out and about – let’s toast the cuz with a little Jez.


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