Thursday, March 18, 2004

Game on...

Bone Dry of the Purple iMaybe my love for gaming has gone a little too far. I love board games, word games, puzzles, video games, RPG’s, and of course, a myriad of card games including the most majestic of all games – poker. But what sits me down for hours in fits of paradoxical exasperation and glee is that on-line shooter called Counter-Strike.
I personally blame one of my former customers for getting me hooked on this. Well – him and the brotherman’s then amazement and tortuous obsession with Half-Life. After I started playing I realized the only thing better than killing people on-line was killing peeps you know. Then rubbing it in their faces the next day. Joy.
Let’s take it further by getting the most obsessive people you know hooked on it, and letting them take it up several notches by creating an organization, no, a clan, who challenges the punks we find on the ether to mortal battle. Yeah – we’re there. We even have a nifty (if not masculine or threatening) name. We are the Purple i clan.
I’ll talk about the origins of the name another time. Some of y’all might know, or are a gun-totin’ member. All I can say is really we’re just a bunch of kids pretending to be adults by day. At least some of us pretend…
It might be tough gaming tonight since the ‘lil Bone has contracted the Ailment du Jour.


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