Monday, March 22, 2004


Zombie loveEverybody loves Zombies. This might be due to the fact we ARE all zombies, or at least have been for a while at some point. It being Monday morning – I was a zombie four cups of cawfee ago. But what gets me writing is the headline I eyeballed. There is something inherently wrong with the mental picture attached to some brain-jonesing undead junky laying hands on good ‘ol JC.
But hey – zombies by far might have the right idea. Could you imagine existing as a zombie? “Sorry honey, but I can’t stay, I’ll pick up some eats on my way home…” Like a zombie would need anything in the way of home. It would seem all they exist for is to consume more and more brains… Eventually there might be a shortage. Then again – there probably is right now…


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