Thursday, February 16, 2006


7 Today
Man, that was quick. It’s amazing how fast seven years can go by. You see, seven years ago today, the Wife™ finally and after much effort and an extreme amount of controlled substances pushed out our first born, pictured above at present age.
It was, at very limited description, an amazing experience, even not doing the actual pushing or carrying or whatever the womynly terms are nowadays, but down at the Johnny Bench position – things were surreal.
The precious wisdom gained from this experience was doled out to others, and some may even attest to the greatness of that wisdom, such as – if and when the doctor says, “hey, take a look up there,” you decline that offer. Especially when your diet in the previous 24 hours consisted of coffee and M&M’s.
But I digress from the present, when I’m not holding a baby, MY baby for the very first time, but I’m with a little girl that I can converse and reason and laugh and joke and read and plot and play and learn with. She’s my walking talking experiment, as she represents every parental thing I’ve tried out for the first time (this may be argued, as not all kids are the same, stay tuned for another birthday type post in April where I know I’ll really delve into different) and can easily be called special. What first born isn’t? I know I am.
So the point here is that this kid has notched her seventh rotation around our middle sized star today. According to her, this is her day, and expects calls of congratulations and cheer, cakes and sweets, songs of praise, parties of honor, and generally big time attention. Cue spotlight, warm up the amps for the microphone, testing one, two, three.
Dara’s on stage today. She is everyday, but it’s like she has an excuse for doing it today, so like Prometheus unbound, she’s running amok full of fire.
So sit back and enjoy the show. Clink a glass and say it. HBD.

D-Man thought: today also marks seven years of the Wife™ and I playing parents. Not exactly surprising of a thought when you consider what the Wife™ brings to the table, but I have enough character witnesses that still show amazement if not fear that I am responsible for the care and upbringing of a child, nay THREE children. That I’ve kept this going somewhat well for SEVEN years – well, I know I’m surprised.


Blogger The Life of Bill said...

Pass on Heather's and my Happy B-day thoughts to the first born-have some beer and cake for me!

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