Saturday, September 11, 2004

Don't forget...

Missing Pic Link Here
There aren’t words to express the anger. Sure, there’s heart-wrenching sympathy for the families and loved ones of the thousands that were lost on this day. That our friends and heroes gave their lives as innocent victims to ideals of hatred from a world away drives my ire beyond measure.
The pic shown is that of a Pakastani leader, Fazalur Rehman, inspiring his hate of America. I want you to remember that he is by far not alone in his stance. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget what happened on this date three years ago. Don’t forget how afraid you were, and how angry you were, and how you wanted revenge. Don’t try to fool me with your idealistic fantasies of a peaceful resolution, because that takes both sides to work.
I’ll be right here to remind you how you felt. Then I’ll remind you what has to be done.
Don’t forget. Stay angry. We owe that to those that aren’t here anymore.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Man – I just can’t believe my eyes. Oh wait – yes I can. It’s Big Media again, desperately searching for anything that might help the Kerrykause. In this case, Roger Waters must have strolled by the CNN office and struck some analyst with some Oedipus complex to put a microphone to this unemployed has-been’s yap. Seriously – look at the pics to figure out which one was Albright and which is Pink’s mother. Can’t do it, eh? Maybe the whole Democratic Party are a bunch of stage props. Then again – there’s no maybe about it.