Wednesday, July 20, 2005

That's one small step...

Today is the anniversary of the Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. We’ve done some cool stuff since then, but we’re still not even close to ready to leaving this rock.
It may be my imagination, but I think I’ve stumbled onto something. A conspiracy maybe. You find out yourself.
Go out to Google and check out the Google Moon link that’s there. They’ve added some moon surface images to their gallery, and are showin’ them off. However, we all know about the government conspiracy of us never actually going to the moon and it was one big hoax. So – to see what I’m talking about – go to the Google Moon and click, drag, and zoom all the way in to the moon surface.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh, Those Crazy Arabs...

All Your Camels Are Belong To Us
Got a spare kid? Well – you’re too late to make a few petrol-dollars for him/her. Those crazy A-Rabs were buyin em up to pilot their camels to glorious Jihadlike victories. That’s right – camel jockey jokes just took a whole new wrong turn.
Click the pic to go to the story. It’s all about how the Islamomos like to race the camels, but now are forced to use the next wave of robot overlords to jockey them, rather than going with the old pinsetter reserve.
Hey – we race horses and dogs and all kinds of critters – who are we to throw stones at Allah’s Chosen because they like to enslave kids to race their desert ponies? Don’t bother answering – because I know who we are.