Monday, April 24, 2006

She's really Rosie...

I believe it was Mr. Yasko that turned me on to the Illuminatus action. Within that work I discovered the crazy number theories of Discordia and all that, but mainly that the number five is something mystical and very very special.
Well – that all might be 23-skiddoo nutso, but I can concur that the number five has got some extra value in it today. Today marks the fifth birth anniversary of my second born, Delaney Rose.
The middle child is an interesting breed, as I’ve come to know, and Delaney is truly in a class all to herself. She finds her way to stand out, go beyond unique yet fit in with her brother and sister, and shine brighter than any star in the sky.
She captures anyone who glances into her blue gray eyes, and I truly fear for the hearts of men future, for they know not what lies behind those gates. Even I cannot stand against her gaze, as I find myself lost in those eyes and broken to her guile. It is too easy for me to take pause and simply watch her do the smallest of tasks, and the thought of her growing any older sends me to panic, my treasure is slipping away.
How she has grown! It is without doubt the most amazing thing of parenting, to suddenly notice the changes that day by day go without care, and by total have transformed a toddling thing into a little girl that has stolen her daddy’s heart.
From penguins to dancing to Care Bears to spaghetti and meatballs to Tinkerbell to drawing to suddenly tennis, today my ‘Laney gets whatever she likes, because it’s a special day. She’s Five.
Notice all the fives today, because they’ll stand out just like ‘Laney.
Happy Birthday, Delaney!

EDIT: There will be a pic appropriate later today to accompany the post. Check back later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Roundup Time

Will somebody PLEASE tell why we don’t have the fleets of Greyhounds ready to pack up and ship off most of the illegal immigrants, now that they’ve decided to pack themselves together at convenient locations? They’re bitching about the costs of doing the “radical” thing, where most of the cost is tracking down and finding them, but hey Mr. Law Enforcement – THERE THEY ARE.
These leeches are rallying and protesting all over this great nation for their rights. Whose rights? OUR rights – the Americans’ rights.
Here’s the guy who may just have the last bit of common sense to be able to get something printed in Big Media:

Peter Lanteri, director of New York's chapter of the Minutemen, a volunteer border watch group, said he thought it was "ridiculous" that illegal immigrants were protesting for their rights.
"Illegal is illegal, and they break our laws to come here," Lanteri said by telephone. "We want the illegal immigration stopped and the borders secured."

Damn, but that brings it home nice and simple – simple enough for maybe even hippie liberal tree hugging dem to understand. Call me a fascist if you want to – but only if you have the First Amendment rights to. If not – the year is 1984 – and you should officially be an unperson. But even then, this is only if you can read and understand English.